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Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano Available. Suitable for the Finest Concert Halls.
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Sujatri Reisinger. President. Klavierhaus

Sujatri Reisinger. President. Klavierhaus

The word “Steinway” is synonymous with the golden age of piano production when hand craftsmanship meant that every piano produced had its own distinct path toward becoming a world class instrument.

In today’s world, quality has been replaced by quantity and the desire to produce as many pianos as possible.  Thus, many rebuilders will lay claim to setting the “standards” and “formula” for rebuilding the largest numbers of pianos annually. 



At Klavierhaus, we believe  there is no “one size fits all” standard for rebuilding a piano. 

Every piano restoration depends on the model, year and country of manufacture of the instrument.  To say that we use the finest materials and workmanship is not enough. 

Klavierhaus rebuilders have extensively studied the physics of and science of acoustics to understand how the selection and proportion of every single piece of material used creates the best possible sound, sustain and feel of the piano. 

Our process is extremely customized and unique and it does take a while, but we are not committed to volume. 

We are simply committed to the art of creating the best pianos possible.