At Klavierhaus, we believe that there is no “one size fits all” standard for rebuilding a piano. Much like a fine painting or classic automobile, each restoration depends on the model, year, and country of manufacture of the instrument. 

We have built our reputation in the piano world as a powerhouse of rebuilding and restoring, to the highest possible standards, classic Steinway and Sons instruments from both New York and Hamburg. Klavierhaus can guide you to the piano best suited to your personality and design scene, whether for performance, entertainment, or as an expression of your personal lifestyle. If you are a serious pianist seeking an instrument that is your perfect partner, and especially if you appreciate beauty and authenticity in the piano as an art form, a trip to Klavierhaus is a must. 


"This is a very special place for me...some of the greatest Steinways I have ever played are here. For me, Klavierhaus is a musical treasure."
~ Richard Goode